FLOKOIN is a new modern Digital Coupon & Deal platform and app. It is an international website providing services in Bangladesh and other countries in Asia like Singapore, Malaysia, India & China. FLOKOIN plays a vital role in saving while shopping as it provides a wide range of coupons, deals discounts, cashback offers, and loyalty card program and so on.

Why Flokoin

 1. Gain Customer Loyalty and Attention.
2. Users generated reviews.
Tracking customer’s shopping becomes easier.
4. Raise your Brand awareness.
5. Decrease Hassles & Minimize advertising cost.
6. Build store traffic.
7. Large scale exposure and increase market area and scope.
8. Boost your business.


Our objective is to bring merchants and users in one platform offering benefits to both. We are showing
various coupons, deals discounts, cashback offers, loyalty card program in our platform so that the users
can easily get any of them at any time. Merchants or business can readily advertise their products as
well as brands through FLOKOIN. This is the best platform for new merchants to advertise their products
and brands & gain familiarly for existing merchants as well to retain customers.

Features to Grow and Sell

Cashback Offer

You can get cashback anytime anywhere in a limited time schedule. This cashback offer valid for all classic consumer.

Nearby coupon,deals

Wherever you go in this universe, Flokoin moves always with you. You can get all nearby coupons and deals moving with you.

Loyalty card

Loyalty card, a card where you can resolve all of your coupon and deals issue. This card will be available very soon.